Don’t take our word for it, ask our clients. We work with the finest real estate agents to ensure their sellers achieve maximum impact with our beautiful design sets.

Declan O’Connor

Broker | Hasson

OnStage has been a great asset to me in helping sell our listings over the last number of years, we strongly recommend every seller consider some level of staging and we believe it really helps in the overall sales price and contributes to a lower number of days on the market. The team at on stage are always very responsive to our needs and their pricing is fair. They have been willing to work with any kind of property we have be it a high end condo or an entry level home, we believe they have helped us get the most out of our listings prior to going to the market and will continue to work with them going forward.


I use OnStage for all my residential staging needs! Working exclusively with sellers, I know how important it is for a property to make a great first impression. Todd and his crew are amazing – they can pull an entire home together on short notice with great attention to detail and with sensitivity to a home’s natural character. My clients have been thrilled with the transformation of their homes and even happier that OnStage helped get them top dollar in a challenging market! OnStage is professional, service oriented and has an excellent reputation!



Staging is everything! It’s true, most folks (me included) lack a good design and spatial sense when it comes to presenting a home for maximum market appeal. My listings sell in less time and for more money than comparable homes that have not been staged.

I have used OnStage exclusively all the years I have been a realtor. OnStage has a keen eye for design, and the talent and an ability to create spaces that are visually appealing, because they understand how a prospective buyer will take in and process a space upon entering a room. They have done all levels of staging for me over the years, from transforming a large vacant home into a showcase to a simpler two room strategic staging.

Recently they provided what is sometimes the most wonderful help of all—working with a seller personally to “edit” spaces using her own belongings. This was an enormous stress reducer for my seller, all she had to do was pack up what was left after “thinning’ book shelves and built-ins… They even rearranged a few pieces of furniture and what was once an everyday living space is now “ house beautiful”… What a fabulous service that was!

In a complex marketplace we have to use the tools available to best serve our clients. All the folks at OnStage are integral to my team.


Principal Broker | Living Room Realty



Very professional, easy to do business with, timely, excellent results! A good investment for quick sales!

Broker | Windermere Realty Trust


Todd and crew are simply great. Economical and spot on listeners, On Stage makes a house a home. Room by room you see a swift yet surprising transformation from bland to balanced. Having used other staging companies with perhaps more pomp and circumstance I have learned my lesson and will only utilize the services offered by On Stage.


Broker | Joe Hamley Real Estate


I work with rehabbers flipping properties – and have come to realize that OnStage staging is that last ingredient to ensure a quick sale at top dollar. Jeremy is excellent at choosing the right pieces for the space at hand… I recommend that any vacant home be staged by OnStage.


Broker | JMA Properties


The most affordable home staging company in the area, OnStage, has my total admiration. They don’t cut corners anywhere; they’re quick, on-budget, on-time, honest, careful, truthful, respectful and entirely capable. They can pull off any job with style. While I’ve found others in the industry to be less sensitive, the staff at OnStage is far from that. I’ve used them for years and my experience with both them and the effects of their service is so positive that I can’t recommend them enough.


Broker | Jewel of the Pearl


Amazing company, great work and design. Todd is AMAZING!


Owner | Casa Maggie Mae Vacation Rental


Principal Broker | Keller William Realty

I first starting using OnStage, staging services back in 2006, as I personally believe that a home with nice furnishings will always show better and add value in the eyes of the buyer, buyer’s agent and the appraiser. Well here we are eight years later, and I still use OnStage with almost every home that I list.

They take the time to consult with me, on who the market share is for the home, and gear the décor to the specific market share. They always have fresh inventory, and their sense of design and style is unsurpassed in the industry. I put my homes on the market on Fridays, and within 3 days I have multiple offers, resulting in the home selling over asking price most of the time! I am happy, and my clients are thrilled! The owner, Todd McAllister, and his team are absolutely delightful to work with, very professional, and get the job done to perfection! I think of them as part of my real estate team! Thank you OnStage for helping to make my clients’ homes shine, every time!


OnStage LLC is simply the best! Their sense of style coupled with the practicality and know how make staging a logical part of my marketing plan. My clients love it, whether they provide a consultation or “full boat” staging to transform their home to the look you would find in a catalog photo. Their team makes me look good every time! I have gotten listings because I offer staging for each and every one of my clients. I have sold homes faster and at a higher price because of OnStage. I view them as a strategic partner in my business. I cannot recommend them highly enough- you will be blown away!

Realtor | Keller Williams Realty



I sell real estate and have worked with OnStage for almost 10 years. I have referred them to my clients more times than I can count, they staged my own home when I moved and I have used them to consult on everything from paint colors to furniture arrangement.

One thing that makes it easy to work with them is they can stage every room in the house as well as the outside, add to what a client already has or just lightly stage to make a home feel cozy. If I have a specific style in mind they will accommodate, if I don’t have a clue what would look good they come with great ideas and do the thinking for me. They are organized and efficient and always a pleasure to deal with. All that being said, the most important piece is how does it affect selling my clients home. I am convinced their staging not only makes the house sell for more, it makes it sell faster. Who could ask for anything more?


Broker | Sally Baker Homes



Everything we do is custom-designed to bring you the premium results. It’d be an honor to discuss your needs!

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